whats included in each newborn package

Newborn photographer in ramstein (rab)(KMC) germany

I offer a few newborn studio packages to fit your wants and needs. Below you'll see the breakdown of each one.


This package is for the families who want it all! It includes 2 prop sets, beanbag & posie flow, Macro images and the option for parent/sibling images. I have props ranging from bowls, buckets, baby beds, moses basket, swing, papasan chair, boho daybed, peacock chair, and Giant stuffed animals. Not sure what bean bag flow is? It's what I refer to as traditional newborn images, see picture below with red backdrop. What are macro images? Glad you asked! They are detail shots and capture the tiny details of baby's feet, hands, and face. See here https://www.shannonreicksphotography.com/blog/what-are-macros .

With this package I also include parent and sibling images.


This package is for families who want just a few images. It includes two sets (colors) on the beanbag. These sets include wrapped or unwrapped bean bag flow images. Now sure what beanbag/posie flow is see my image below with red backdrop.


This package is for families who want to capture their newborn and family in their home. You'll get newborn only photos, family and sibling images, and candid lifesyle images showing your life as it is.


Newborn Studio in Prop

Bean Bag Flow