The story of a photographer

I'm a life loving, adventure seeking, compassionate soul who loves to freeze time on those precious moments that feed our souls. Those moments when life takes our breath away, when our soul is on fire from the touch of our partner, when our heart is full of love from our Childs head on our chest, when our bodies are changing as it brings forth new life. It's the smiles on our babies faces, it's the look in your eyes when you kiss your spouse, it's the little fingers and toes on a newborn. It's the connection and fire between a couple. It's the love and joy in an expecting parent.

"Photography is the beauty of life captured" (Tara Chisholm)

In my everyday life I am a Registered Nurse (BSN-RN) with specialty in Labor and Delivery and a Certified Lactation Consultant. I am married to an amazing soldier and we have two beautiful kids and a fur-baby together. We are currently stationed in Germany. We are active in hiking and exploring, traveling, and finding new adventures.



Working with Shannon was definitely the best experience we ever had with a photographer. Usually I used to do shooting for hours just to become maybe 10 good pictures but in her case we were done in 1 hour and every shoot was better than the other one.
Amazing quality, pictures were done the next day, no need to wait. She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions.
I can highly recommend her to anyone who want a professional photography experience.

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